The best free online treadmill calorie calculator estimates the calories burned on an incline and flat treadmill by using body weight, speed, and time.

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How to use the treadmill calorie calculator?

A treadmill calorie calculator calculates the calories burned during your workout on the treadmill by using your body weight, speed, inclination, and exercise duration.

Enter the inclination or slope of the treadmill in degrees.
Enter your weight in the treadmill calorie calculator, and make sure you have entered your weight accurately in lb or kg.
Enter the duration of your workout in minutes.
Enter the treadmill's speed in miles per hour or km per hour.
Then, click the CALCULATE button; once you have entered all the necessary details, the treadmill calorie calculator will estimate the number of calories you burned during the workout.

How can I burn calories on the treadmill?

A high-intensity workout will help to increase your heart rate, metabolism, and calorie burn. Running or walking on a treadmill with an incline or slopy surface will help you to burn more calories than on a flat surface. A high-speed run on the treadmill will burn you more calories in a shorter time. Always drink sufficient water before, during, and after your workout to stay hydrated.

How accurate is a treadmill calorie calculator?

The calculation accuracy depends on inclination, body weight, workout time, and speed on the treadmill. The treadmill calorie calculator uses a formula to get accurate results based on your weight, incline on the treadmill, and the speed of the treadmill to estimate calorie burn.

How do the speed and incline on a treadmill affect your calorie burn?

The speed and incline of a treadmill can burn calories during a workout. And running speedily or running on a steeper slope needs more energy and burns more calories.

How can you use a treadmill to lose weight?

A treadmill can help your body to lose weight. It would be best to create a calorie deficit to lose weight; it means burning more calories than you consume. By using a treadmill calorie calculator, you can estimate the calories you burn during a workout and adjust your diet for a calorie deficit.

How can you maximize calorie burn on a treadmill?

Maximize calorie burn from your body by changing the speed and incline on a treadmill. Increasing the intensity of your workout by running at a higher speed or on a steeper slope will burn more calories in less time.